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Blow Mono Floor

Blow Mono is an iteration of the Blow collection. In this version the aim was to create a monochromatic version with a unique tinted glass finishing that gives a minimalistic luxurious appeal which is both powerful and subtle.

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Grip Floor

Grip is a contemporary lighting piece that contrasts the smooth luxurious feel of natural marble and polished brass, with the raw bareness of an exposed light bulb. In essence, grip was designed as a celebration of circular motion. The base and ring forms are developed through bending and spinning. Metaphorically, the fine brass ring aligned in a concentric orientation with the central tungsten bulb represents the circular light halo that radiates energy from the light source. 

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Peek Floor

Peek is an easy and flexible standing light that can accompany you in any corner. A custom-built projector with a slit makes room for the stem, and allows for maximum control over angle, intensity and rotation. A perfect task light for reading a book on the sofa, or as an accent light to highlight an interior element.

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